Thursday, October 22, 2009


When heart and mind,
In oneness find,
that truth burns like fire,

Soul and heart,
in sorrow start,
to churn with desire.

For my mind it says,
that I am great.
Alas! my heart denies,

For my heart it knows
the bitter truth,
that quietly hidden lies:

I am human,
child of God,
Mannequin of His,

I win and lose,
But I can never choose,
which victory I'm to take.

If I've won I've lost,
In loss I win,
Greatness is not my Grace,

If God the Lord names me good,
No man can steal my Win,
Then I am beyond disgrace.


A hundred years I waited, hoping against hope,
A thousand miles, a million moons and many a hangman's rope.

An aeon I had watched, a lifetime I had slaved,
A countless burning years, slaving in your wake.

Through a blazing trail of fear, a blackened path of doom,
Through a scorching sultry summer, and an icy winter gloom.

With a manic bubble of laughter, a tragic gurgle of pain,
A panicked cry of terror, and a many a broken chain.

With soundless cries of joyful ache, tearless sobs of woe,
Through aisles and dreams and distant screams and many a bedecked row,

I'd jumped and danced and gaily pranced, I'd run and I had spun,
I'd walked and swooned and prettily mooned, every ending I'd begun.

Years from now, when you come for me, I'll look at you and say,
“I'd awaited you for an eternity, now I'll be going on my way.”

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who am I?

Wall to wall and tree to tree I flew like the desert sand,
Suspended from a silver string, a steely silken strand.
I walked the bird trail, that elusive path,
My mortal magic made many men mad.
I purged the Mother of her sinning spawn,
That ghoulish green goblin of Hell I slew,
That eight limb-ed terror, that twisted fiend I killed as his evil grew.
Distressed damsels, oppressed knaves, children of God I saved,
Yet no one knows my name or face, by no one are they shared.
My beloved I'd protected, hard choices I have made,
Soiled son of sand I slew, and by a friend I've been betrayed.
The dispelled darkness, that beaten beast, had once dared defiance,
And I'd battled with that mangled monster, drew more than guts and gore,
I endured agony, fought for love, for soul and self and more.
But in the end I'd always won, Victory is my bride,
Her presence brings fame and glory, and also with it my inglorious pride.
I am Spiderman.


Death is the life that the living die for.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Can't Be Done

There’s no such thing as cannot be done,
Don’t let your failures fool you,
Behind every cloud is hidden a sun,
Don’t let the raindrops blind you.


When your mind says ‘you can’t do it’
When you friends say ‘you’re not strong’
When you’re foes say ‘you’re not worth it’
Your heart says ‘they are wrong’

When you’d rather switch with someone
‘coz you feel your talents few…
When you feel you’re better than no one,
Your heart says ‘that’s not true’

When you feel your every breath,
Is an undeserving prize,
That your life deserves but death
Your heart says ‘those are lies’

When the world says ‘I’ll ignore you’
When your peers say ‘you’re too weak’
Your heart says softly to you,
They’ll eat the words they speak

So heed your trusting heart now,
And face the world anew,
Make them gasp and gape and bow,
Who underestimated you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This world is ruled by Him,
His will is our command,
Our wishes are His whim,
Our actions his demand.

One might wonder why,
We are ruled by someone else,
And why we shackled lie,
Imprisoned in our cells.

But the truth is rather simple,
And simplicity it is,
'cause though freedom is our right,
Our lives are bound to His.


Ten-score shades bringeth thou,
From a raindrop come from heaven?
Can thou? If so tell me how,
When the drop but holdeth seven.

How many pearls maketh thou,
From a lone, roughened grain,
How many seconds can thou steal from Now,
When Time himself is slain?

Wherefore doth thou pursue greed,
When greed chaseth thou,
Wherefore is Envy's jealous steed,
Harboured in thine heart?

What gift is bestowed unto thou,
In return for thine pursuit?
What unholy gain, tell me now,
What flower, oh! what fruit?


The tears flow in an endless stream,
A watery shrine for a broken dream;
A wordless lament for things that weren't,
For lessons taught, but never learnt;

They say the world is an unkind place;
They say mankind is an inhuman race;
But no man says what all men know:
Only in the kind will kindness show;

A ship is sound when on the ground,
When her masts are tightly bound,
On a reckless wave, in the open sea,
She is mercy-bound, let Mercy be!

Should she be ground on a ruthless mound,
Or misguided, lost at sea,
Only then 'tis found if a ship is sound,
If she regardless goes where she needs to be.

But even the soundest ship shall sink and drown,
If her heart-wood rots and frays;
Such is the might of the poisoned noun:
Even friendships it decays.


The play of wind in the poplar trees,
Makes music and water dance along,
The silent rain with the soundless breeze,
Sing the timeless tune of the watersong.


Hope hunts the Hopeless,
And Hopeless Hope,
In a mindless, endless circle,
Like the noose on a Hangman's rope.


All things in life hold a price,
Every act has its due,
If thou taketh once, but giveth twice,
Then Earth is ruled by you.

Angel of death

The tears welled, obscuring sight,
Crying for what they were going to see,
Lifeless souls entombed in night,
An Angel then revealed to me:

"If you mourn that which is dead,
I pity you the tears you weep,
The grave is just an earthen bed,
And death is only sleep."

What will you say?

If I tell you that I like you,
What will you say to that?
Will you say you like me too,
Or turn me down flat?

If I tell you that I need you,
That with you I feel complete;
Will you say you feel it too,
Or crush it under your feet?

If I tell you that I'm lonely,
Despite my friends and home,
Will you say you'll be with me?
That with me you're not alone?

If I tell you that I'm crying,
Will you wipe away my tears?
Or break my heart while lying,
That you care about my fears?

If I tell you that I love you,
That you're more than just a friend,
Will you say you love me too,
Or will our friendship have to end?

Discovering Love

I always thought love was a waste,
I thought it'd poison me,
I saw and heard, but refused a taste,
I was scared of it, you see.

I'd read and heard, but never seen,
The powers of Love in play,
I know many who'd seen and in it been
But I had never felt that way.

I looked for love everywhere,
but not once did I find,
That perfect man with whom to share,
My heart and soul and mind.

And then it changed, suddenly,
All the puzzles fell in place,
The person I sought was in front of me,
Staring right into my face.

I've known him many a year,
I've seen him every day,
My heart had held him near,
But near in a friendly way.

But now I can finally see,
Love has cleared my sight,
He's the man, the man for me,
The moon in a starless night.


A hostile future looms ahead,
unmoved by the tears I shed,
I want to speak, to voice my fears,
but what are words, compared to tears?

No one cares, they just pretend,
All men have hearts of stone;
Man is born without a friend,
And man will die alone.

I want to speak, to raise my voice,
I want words to express my fears,
But words are only senseless noise,
When heard by grudging ears.

No one'll listen to what I want to share
And those who do won't understand,
Who understand will never care,
And who care are never close at hand.

So wordlessly I'll suffer and cry,
Why speak when no one wants to listen?
In silence my tears will drown and die,
And I'll weep alone in my silent prison.


You told me I was special to you,
That you'd miss me when I was gone,
That you cared for me more than I knew,
That my absence would leave you torn.

About you you wanted me to know,
All things there were to be known,
Of things that happened long ago,
Tales of old with which you'd grown.

You said you'd share your past with me,
Even if a future for us is put to test,
Tomorrow, you said, was not a certainity,
But for now you could live without the rest.

And I trusted you with all my heart,
I believed your sugary words,
I thought you meant every part,
Of your flowery, poetic verse.

I saw you through my trusting eyes,
I cherished all the words you said,
But all the words you spoke were lies,
They cut into me till I bled.

And then you shattered all I'd dreamed,
You brought it all to a bleeding end,
Your words were not what they'd seemed,
To you I was just another friend.


I want the Moon to stay away,
I don't want the Sun to set,
I want every day to be today,
I'm not ready for tomorrow yet.

But sunlight fades, gives way to night,
The Sun gives way to the Moon,
It's so unfair, it's just not right,
That days pass by so soon.

Sand grains that in an hourglass fall,
Bring closer the end of today,
The time we're given is much too small,
Tomorrow is just a day away.

A few moments I wish I could steal,
Few seconds I'd love to borrow,
Time cannot be brought to heel,
But if only I could delay Tomorrow.

No one knows what the future'll bring,
We can only do our best and stall,
Tomorrow's a certain, inevitable thing,
But I wish it wouldn't come at all.


The clock on the wall ticks steadily,
Relentlessly, over and over,
O, I can stop the clock, certainly,
But I can't make Time any slower.

If only Time was just a clock,
Submissive to the will of men,
I'd never have to mind my talk,
'cause the past wouldn't be frozen then.

Tomorrow'll take today's place,
Yesterday's a memory already,
Time will never slow its pace,
And Today will never be steady.

I don't know what tomorrow'll hold,
And I fear what I do not know,
Everything new will soon be old,
With time age will only grow.

I want tomorrow to stay away,
I wish Time wouldn't run so fast,
But today is tomorrow's yesterday.
It's already a part of the past.