Wednesday, October 7, 2009


When your mind says ‘you can’t do it’
When you friends say ‘you’re not strong’
When you’re foes say ‘you’re not worth it’
Your heart says ‘they are wrong’

When you’d rather switch with someone
‘coz you feel your talents few…
When you feel you’re better than no one,
Your heart says ‘that’s not true’

When you feel your every breath,
Is an undeserving prize,
That your life deserves but death
Your heart says ‘those are lies’

When the world says ‘I’ll ignore you’
When your peers say ‘you’re too weak’
Your heart says softly to you,
They’ll eat the words they speak

So heed your trusting heart now,
And face the world anew,
Make them gasp and gape and bow,
Who underestimated you.

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