Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You told me I was special to you,
That you'd miss me when I was gone,
That you cared for me more than I knew,
That my absence would leave you torn.

About you you wanted me to know,
All things there were to be known,
Of things that happened long ago,
Tales of old with which you'd grown.

You said you'd share your past with me,
Even if a future for us is put to test,
Tomorrow, you said, was not a certainity,
But for now you could live without the rest.

And I trusted you with all my heart,
I believed your sugary words,
I thought you meant every part,
Of your flowery, poetic verse.

I saw you through my trusting eyes,
I cherished all the words you said,
But all the words you spoke were lies,
They cut into me till I bled.

And then you shattered all I'd dreamed,
You brought it all to a bleeding end,
Your words were not what they'd seemed,
To you I was just another friend.

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