Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who am I?

Wall to wall and tree to tree I flew like the desert sand,
Suspended from a silver string, a steely silken strand.
I walked the bird trail, that elusive path,
My mortal magic made many men mad.
I purged the Mother of her sinning spawn,
That ghoulish green goblin of Hell I slew,
That eight limb-ed terror, that twisted fiend I killed as his evil grew.
Distressed damsels, oppressed knaves, children of God I saved,
Yet no one knows my name or face, by no one are they shared.
My beloved I'd protected, hard choices I have made,
Soiled son of sand I slew, and by a friend I've been betrayed.
The dispelled darkness, that beaten beast, had once dared defiance,
And I'd battled with that mangled monster, drew more than guts and gore,
I endured agony, fought for love, for soul and self and more.
But in the end I'd always won, Victory is my bride,
Her presence brings fame and glory, and also with it my inglorious pride.
I am Spiderman.

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