Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Discovering Love

I always thought love was a waste,
I thought it'd poison me,
I saw and heard, but refused a taste,
I was scared of it, you see.

I'd read and heard, but never seen,
The powers of Love in play,
I know many who'd seen and in it been
But I had never felt that way.

I looked for love everywhere,
but not once did I find,
That perfect man with whom to share,
My heart and soul and mind.

And then it changed, suddenly,
All the puzzles fell in place,
The person I sought was in front of me,
Staring right into my face.

I've known him many a year,
I've seen him every day,
My heart had held him near,
But near in a friendly way.

But now I can finally see,
Love has cleared my sight,
He's the man, the man for me,
The moon in a starless night.

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