Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A hostile future looms ahead,
unmoved by the tears I shed,
I want to speak, to voice my fears,
but what are words, compared to tears?

No one cares, they just pretend,
All men have hearts of stone;
Man is born without a friend,
And man will die alone.

I want to speak, to raise my voice,
I want words to express my fears,
But words are only senseless noise,
When heard by grudging ears.

No one'll listen to what I want to share
And those who do won't understand,
Who understand will never care,
And who care are never close at hand.

So wordlessly I'll suffer and cry,
Why speak when no one wants to listen?
In silence my tears will drown and die,
And I'll weep alone in my silent prison.

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