Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I want the Moon to stay away,
I don't want the Sun to set,
I want every day to be today,
I'm not ready for tomorrow yet.

But sunlight fades, gives way to night,
The Sun gives way to the Moon,
It's so unfair, it's just not right,
That days pass by so soon.

Sand grains that in an hourglass fall,
Bring closer the end of today,
The time we're given is much too small,
Tomorrow is just a day away.

A few moments I wish I could steal,
Few seconds I'd love to borrow,
Time cannot be brought to heel,
But if only I could delay Tomorrow.

No one knows what the future'll bring,
We can only do our best and stall,
Tomorrow's a certain, inevitable thing,
But I wish it wouldn't come at all.

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