Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Doorbells and date nights.

Dirty nails.
Pristine clothes.
White, too, and silk, with bows.
Black leather boots.
A riding crop.
A studded bra.
A pink jock cup.

A date! At last, a date.
Chocolate, maybe? Or Chardonnay.
A tux? A dress.
Black or red?
I'd go with black...
But red's a Siren!
Red it is. Hot attack.

Long, curly hair.
Buzz cut, tailored with care.
Two cute?
Too cute.
Blonde? Brunette?
Perfect is insecure,
I like defects.

Shoes. Of course, the shoes!
Haha, why not?
Hooker heels.
Soft leather loafers,
with sheepskin insoles.
Shaved legs?
nah. Razor burn.

Detract! Distract!
What a mess.
The doorbell's ringing.
I wonder...
is my date...
a guy?
or a girl?

The jock cup,
for the pretty lady,
The studded bra
for the alpha male.
But what if...
it's both?


  1. I noticed your profile on Blog Catalogue so I thought i'd give your blog a bit of a nose..

    Got to say your poetry's amazing. :D

  2. Thanks, Amanda! <3 Here's a bit of a nosy question: are you British? o.O

  3. Yes, I am. :D

    What gave it away? aha. :)

  4. lol...the "catalogue" instead of "catalog" part...haha....and I visited your blog...I like your relationships and friends section.