Thursday, September 16, 2010

# 5

When I was still alive I'd thought,
That being good was better than not.
But as I slept, good but dead,
A lightning notion struck my head:
If Life was time to do my good,
And Death a coffin to rest within,
Then perhaps Heaven's been misunderstood,
And is, in fact, reserved for Sin.

# 4

Once I owned a flawless face,
So perfect that it had no place,
In a world where beauty was a waste,
Disgraced, I had my face erased.

# 3

In my hand, when I awoke,
Were remnants of a heart that broke,
It was foreign, cold and made of stone,
Still, I stole it to replace my own.

# 2

When I died I took with me,
The life of something sacred, see?
The secrets that I'd hidden deep,
Disused, fell into deeper sleep.

Musings of a Died Soul

# 1
I killed a man and soiled my hands,
And then I killed again,
Except this time when I killed,
His hands, not mine, were stained.