Friday, January 29, 2010

what matters.

The Sun will someday set,
and bring eternal night,
The stars and moon and earth will all,
one day give up their fight.

The mighty seas and human trees,
Will crumble to earthly dust,
And all that's gold and in precious hold,
Will like iron rust.

Not riches, not fame,
not trophies will stay,
Our proud possessions one day,
Will all wither away.

So why live life? Why endure?
What plants from dead seeds 'rise?
What but ashes does burnt wood bring?
What morn is born without sunrise?

A kind word dropped in a hurt man's path,
A smile on a rainy day,
The haven of a hug, a heartfelt gift,
These things will always stay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Think of all who love you,
Think of those who care,
Think of all who'll miss you,
And remember, they are there.

Whenever you feel like crying,
Whenever you feel alone,
There's an angel always watching,
Life's not set in stone.

People come, people go,
Friends are friendly men,
Swim along the river's flow,
And see what happens then.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Everytime a breath we breathe,
We let one go that's stale,
Everytime a book we read,
We forget an older tale.

Tomorrow, everything we know today,
Will have been lost in Yesterday.


Do not fear, do not curse,
The sufferer's not for suffering worse,
Forgive the sin, remember the pain,
Remember for when you get hurt again.

Do not resent, do not hate,
Lovers love and are loved by Fate,
Laugh 'cos laughter joy will bring,
And Joy'll bury Hatred's sting.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Hate lives in many ways, Love but in few,
Life shoots poisoned darts and Pain pierces you,
Time always wants to leave, Memories try to stay,
Death gathers broken hearts, and friends fade away.